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FB Alpha Release

Treblewinner birthed another iteration of Finalburn Alpha. Here’s the skinny on what’s new!

The binaries are compiled with the Microsoft tools again now.

  • Added driver for Taito Z hardware
  • Added oopsware’s Raiden driver and updated the nec core and vez module
  • Retidied the nec core and vez module
  • Added iq_132s Gun Smoke driver
  • Added iq_132s Scrambled Egg driver
  • Changed the M6502 core to Marat’s with the interface wrote by kev
  • Added kev’s m90 driver and his updates to the m92 driver to debug builds
  • Tidied the m90 and m92 drivers and corrected the gfx decoding in the m90 driver
  • Updated Dec0 drivers to kev’s latest version
  • Updated Jack the Giantkiller driver to the iq_132s latest version
  • Made the “In Game” tab the default on the game selection dialog
  • Added a checkbox for Taito to the game selection dialog
  • Changed some names to prevent duplicate descriptions
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.124u1

FB Alpha Release

Just a quick bug-fix release. What’s new is:

  • Updated the CPS-3 driver to include Oopsware’s latest fixes
  • Fixed a problem with the size of m1 rom in Metal Slug 5

FB Alpha Release

To quote Treble,

“Had a bit of time to put a new FBA together. The binaries are now compiled with MinGW as I can’t get consistent results with the Microsoft compiler. Here is the what’s new;

Thanks go to the neosource forum regulars for a lot of this stuff. iq_132 has written many drivers for older games, and Oopsware has contributed some impressive drivers too. Captain CPS-X and KOF2112 have also tidied up some things. This list is from memory and some stuff is sure to be missing.”

Curious as to what’s new? Continue reading ‘FB Alpha Release’

FB Alpha Release

The sun is shining (makes a change), the birds are singing and a new FBA has arrived! This build was originally released a few days ago at Treblewinners website, while this site (and all of had gone a.w.o.l.

Treble’s been extremely busy with other things so this release comes after a bigger gap than normal. However there’s a plethora of new additions to play with. Continue reading ‘FB Alpha Release’

FB Alpha Release

Here we go, with a new release of Finalburn Alpha. Version includes the following changes and additions. Updated previews & title packs are also available for this release.

  • Added driver for Galaxy Force 2 (gforce2, gforce2j)
  • Added driver for G-LOC (gloc, glocr360)
  • Added driver for Line of Fire (loffire, loffirej, loffireu)
  • Added driver for Major League (mjleague)
  • Added driver for Power Drift (pdrift, pdrifta, pdrifte, pdriftj)
  • Added driver for Rail Chase (rchase)
  • Added driver for Strike Fighter (strkgftr)
  • Fixed sprite flip in Sonic Boom
  • Added some unicode titles [BisonSAS]
  • Matched sets to MAME 0.114u1

FB Alpha Release

That will teach me to make assumptions that things don’t change. I didn’t run mamediff on the last release and hence missed some errors in the dat file that manifested themselves after the fixes in the earlier release. All should be fixed now so here is the current version.

Thanks go to LogiqX again for checking the files and pointing out the errors.

NB: This release was originally made by Treble Winner at: Downloads are available here, now that the ol’ girl’s up and running again. :)