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Just hit a little snag…

We just discovered a problem with the current builds, that we are currently attempting to fix. Downloads will return presently…

FBA v0.2.94.96 Released!

All the files are now back online. If you downloaded the previous installer, then you only have to download the smaller upgrade installer this time around. There is also an optimised build for K6 users; as after all, they are people too…

Please remember to delete the contents of you cfg/ folder before you start FBA, as the old cfg files will not be fully compatible with the new release.

Skin FBA

This feature has been available for a while now, but very few are aware of it. Basically you can change the default image that FBA displays on start-up. You can download an image pack from the Torrents page to help you change the image. You will have to make a small addition to the fba.ini file, so please make sure that you read the included instructions first.

We (teamFBA) accept no responsibility for changes that you make to your fba.ini, you do so at your own risk. If you are not confident in making these changes, then do not attempt to do so.

Mingw-Cygwin-libs online

Just a little note to say that the mingw-cygwin-libs are now available for download, along with the project files for Visual Studio 2003. Get them from the downloads page. On another note, i’d like to thank all the people that have been acting as seeds for the Bittorrent downloads.

We also forgot to promote the fact, that the latest FBA also supports some other cool games in the new release (other than Neogeo). Games such as Outzone, Bombjack, Rastan, Solomons Key and Tigerheli to name but a few.

Download the FBA.msi via Bittorrent!

I’ve set up a Bittorrent tracker, that can be used to download the fba.msi installer. Seeing as how the file is reasonably large (8.3MB) and a lot of people are downloading it at the moment, Bittorrent may be faster for some people who are experiencing slow downloads.  For people that need a Bittorrent client then I suggest that they click here.

To download the fba.msi via Bittorrent click here.

If you download via Bittorrent, please leave your download window open for as long as possible, so as to help us seed the file. Remember, the more people that download via Bittorrent, the faster the download speed…

Progress Port Of FBA To S.D.L. (Simple DirectMedia Layer).

So far only proof of concept video rendering, and a throttling loop has been completed. There is now no Win32 specific code left and the source now compiles and runs under Linux.

TODO List:

  • Controls and other input related stuff such as dipswitches: No progress
  • Sound: No progress
  • Video: I’m currently writing the support code to use the ‘Soft FX’ blitter from the win32 version.

I am open to offers of help and am looking for porters to other SDL supported platforms. Mail me if you are interested:

Keep in mind that portions of FBA make heavy use of x86 assembly so I don’t think a port to other CPUs will be possible anytime soon. Having said that it should be possible to replace the x86 assembly code with C/C++ equvilents. There may also be a few endian issues releated to ROM loading that might need fixing. Anyone who wishes to attempt this will have help from the FBA team.
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