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FBA v0.2.94.98 - Special Christmas Eve Release!

A new version of FBA has been released, with the following fixes and updates. Please remember that this is still considered to be an alpha release and while we are pretty sure most of the nastier bugs have been squashed, a few may remain. So if you find a bug, please report it to the appropriate forum. All that remains is too wish our Christmas celebrating users a Merry Christmas! And to everyone else, happy Winter Solstice!

What’s New in FBA v0.2.94.98?

This is still an alpha release!

  • Fixed all the new bugs introduced in the previous version;
  • Fixed the raster effects in Samurai Shodown 3;
  • Preview images can be any png file upto 1024×0124 pixels;
  • Added descriptive text to screenshot png files.
  • Added a system information dialog that’s used when FB Alpha crashes;
  • Added the english language versions of mahoudai and shippumd;

FBA v0.2.94.95 Released!

A new version of FBA has been released. This version fixes most of the problems in v0.2.94.56. If you downloaded the fba.msi last time, we recommend that you wait for the fba_029495_update.msi that should be released later this evening. For all the K6 people out there, an optimized K6 version will be available shortly as well. Please note that certain CPS1 games still lack sound.

Downloads are currently available from the torrents page. Direct downloads will be available in a little while.

If you are using FB Alpha v0.2.94.56, please upgrade. Delete all files in the FB Alpha cfg directory.


MadGear / LED Storm wip from Jan_Klaassen and myself.

Still not quite there graphics wise. :smile:

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FBA v0.2.94.97 - Special “Sinterklaas avond” Release!

There is a new version of FBA available from our downloads page. At present an upgrade .msi is unavailable. Any users wishing to upgrade, should download the standard fba_029497.exe and extract the contents to their installation directory.

Whats New!

This is an alpha release! Again, although we expect very few problems, there still might be some we’ve not seen.

  • Fixed most of the remaining problems in v0.2.94.96;
  • Shortcut keys have changed;
  • Directories used by FB Alpha have changed;
  • Readme updated (read it completely even if you’ve read the earlier versions);
  • The Neo Geo driver now always uses a real AES BIOS in AES mode, more differences between AES and MVS are emulated now as well;