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More Fantasy Zone

Fixed up the tile layers and got the palette working correctly (actually, it was more of a problem with not decoding the graphics properly and then applying some offsets - but it’s working fine now). I’ll have a look at sprites if I get some more time and then look at tidying the mess up and optimising and adding more games, yadda, yadda, etc. Click more for some screenshots.

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Fantasy Zone

Had a bit of spare time and decided to look at this. Don’t get excited though - my time is very limited and my ability probably doesn’t stretch this far. :)

Currently sound and inputs work fine. The ROM/RAM check is fine (ROM check fails in the current MAME driver due to patching). Sprites are unemulated - the background and foreground layers have some issues which I haven’t attempted to resolve yet and the colours are just wrong - appears to be the palette - I think.

Here are some screenshots anyway. The second shot here has the palette sort of working (I can “make” it work for the text layer - but that still doesn’t get the other layers sorted - and it is wrong).

As I said this may or may not get worked on. It may or may not support more System16 games - I can’t be any more precise than that at this stage. :)

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