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FB Alpha Release

Here we go, with a new release of Finalburn Alpha. Version includes the following changes and additions. Updated previews & title packs are also available for this release.

  • Added driver for Galaxy Force 2 (gforce2, gforce2j)
  • Added driver for G-LOC (gloc, glocr360)
  • Added driver for Line of Fire (loffire, loffirej, loffireu)
  • Added driver for Major League (mjleague)
  • Added driver for Power Drift (pdrift, pdrifta, pdrifte, pdriftj)
  • Added driver for Rail Chase (rchase)
  • Added driver for Strike Fighter (strkgftr)
  • Fixed sprite flip in Sonic Boom
  • Added some unicode titles [BisonSAS]
  • Matched sets to MAME 0.114u1

FB Alpha Release

That will teach me to make assumptions that things don’t change. I didn’t run mamediff on the last release and hence missed some errors in the dat file that manifested themselves after the fixes in the earlier release. All should be fixed now so here is the current version.

Thanks go to LogiqX again for checking the files and pointing out the errors.

NB: This release was originally made by Treble Winner at: Downloads are available here, now that the ol’ girl’s up and running again. :)

Hanging’s too good for some people…

As you may have noticed, the web site has been offline for quite a while. After a little investigation, it appears that we got hacked by some tard seeking to enlarge his “e-peen.” Seriously though, hanging is just too good for some people, so i’m going to agree with Jan on this one. :)

On the plus side, things have changed for the better. Gone is the now aging Cutenews, to make way for the shiny goodness of Wordpress. We now have a robust site that is much more secure and far less prone to spam comments.

Which reminds me, all of the comments where lost in the transition. Not a great loss though as most where advertising Viagra…

Treble has the Bug! :)

Long story short, most of the FBA team drifted apart (or is that a long term holiday?) many moons ago to pursue other interests. This is also the first post here in over a year, for those still paying attention. We’re still in contact on the odd occasion though, should the winds blow in the right direction.

But what does this mean for FBA I hear you cry?

Well it seems that Treble has the emulation bug again. He’s also released a few rather nice updates and additions to FBA. All of which you can find at his web site.