FBA v0.2.95.22 Released

This release fixes a few bugs that crept into yesterdays release. GCC is supported in this release, with a few stipulations. See below for more details regarding compiling this release with GCC. Grab this latest release from our files page.

What’s New in v0.2.95.22

  • This is still an alpha release!
  • Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.
  • Implemented workarounds to the FB Alpha executable to allow the use of windres as the resource compiler (it cannot zero-terminate strings or use a string as an RCDATA resource);
  • Cleaned up the makefiles (variables/options now defined in the main makefile);
  • Fixed a few game names / bad ROM definitions;
  • Fixed CPS1 games sound / crashing if started as the 1st game;
  • Fixed the Psikyo games that use an YM2610 for sound;
  • Fixed a few problems with ANSI builds;

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