FB Alpha Release

The sun is shining (makes a change), the birds are singing and a new FBA has arrived! This build was originally released a few days ago at Treblewinners website, while this site (and all of emuunlim.org) had gone a.w.o.l.

Treble’s been extremely busy with other things so this release comes after a bigger gap than normal. However there’s a plethora of new additions to play with. This list is nothing like exhaustive. These are only the highlights of a big new version;

Thanks to the contributions of OopsWare we have some nice new drivers

  • PGM Hardware
  • Video System Hardware
  • 1945k III
  • Gals Panic
  • Power Instinct
  • Shadow Force

More shiny new stuff

  • Added a Sega System 18 driver
  • Added Ace Attacker, Excite League and Super League to the Sega System 16 drivers
  • Added various bootlegs to the Sega System 16 driver
  • Added driver for Kaneko 16 Hardware
  • Added Honey Dolls, Snow Bros. 3, and The Winter Bobble to the Pandora based driver
  • Added a generic lightgun interface to the burn library and converted all existing drivers to use it
  • Emulated column and row scroll in System 16 tilemaps (still has a few issues with a few instances)
  • Added support for (multiple) YM2612/3438 sound chips (as used by System 18)
  • Added support for the RF5C68 PCM sound chip (still has issues which escape me (Treblewinner) at present, used by System 18)
  • Fixed an issue with high BPP support in the generic tiles interface
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.117u3 and added some clones to various drivers
  • Added Ganbare Ginkun and Riot to the Tecmo 16 driver [BisonSAS]
  • Added kev’s preliminary Dec0 driver to debug builds [kev]

60 Responses to “FB Alpha Release”

  1. 1 Stig

    This is nice, but i am still not able toplay the neo geo games….help?

  2. 2 Mark

    Nice! Thanks for this latest release :)

  3. 3 wayne

    The people that create these wonderful programs will be remembered.

  4. 4 wayne

    Ps: Stig your using NeoRAGEx roms Mame roms work best

  5. 5 abdullah sevdali


  6. 6 abdullah sevdali


  7. 7 abdullah sevdali

    hi there, i think you are wonderful! keep it up

  8. 8 psykid

    @stig : use mame roms for neogeo ones. i tried with original neogeo roms and not working.

  9. 9 Mike

    I hope the macros for NEO GEO games have been added…. like A + B and the like…

  10. 10 dinester


  11. 11 Miguel

    Why is Battle K Road not supported in this update, because it was supported on previous versions of Final Burn Alpha.
    Will it be supported again in future???
    I hope an answer for this one.
    Thanks and greetings from Mexico.

  12. 12 adie74

    This release will not load or play Tatsujin Oh, even though the romset is complete and up-to-dtae with MAME.

  13. 13 Ivan Linares

    Sorry, but I am experiencing some truble with your emulator. Every time I use the PAUSE button, or the controls setting, it terminates operation. Is there any e-mail address I could send the information the emulator provides me about the fatal error?

    Thank you for your attention, and good luck with your project!

  14. 14 loop

    Any bugs / issues can be reported on our forums (See the navbar on the right for the link).

    Contact via email will generally be ignored as we do not have time to provide one on one help.

  15. 15 Davegetta

    Thanks a lot for the bestest emulator in the world, please get the drivers for CPS3 and you’ll be my heroes. XD

  16. 16 jerry

    tns for releasing

  17. 17 Davegetta


  18. 18 Neil

    Any chance you will enable transparency on the games, so I could see the applications that are open behind a running xmvsf game? :) Pretty please :)

  19. 19 Lum

    Wanna play games
    thanks very much ..

  20. 20 Melbert


  21. 21 J

    thanks for the great work guys. Your work will keep these games alive for my great grand children, who will get to relive the very games that started it all.

  22. 22 Neil

    Hey it’s me again :)

    I can’t seem to find the layer options, like enable and disable layers in game. I remember it being there before in an older version, but I can’t seem to find it in this one! Does anyone know where it is?

  23. 23 Noddycopath

    You know what would be so great that I couldn’t even breathe anymore because of my astonishment (even more than CPS-3 emulation, which I’d like, by the way): MAME dat files… That’s the only thing FBA is missing to me…

  24. 24 Diego

    thank you so very much, all, for your contributions to brin arcade home. this is porbably the coolest emulation next to all my old rpgs.

    much love and support, and, of course, OH GOD YES CPS3!

    how can we get that. it’s needed.

    marvel vs. capcom online *drool*

  25. 25 MotM

    I have a suggestion for the inputs part of the emulator, namely: improved keyboard input. I’m having trouble performing the moves that I would normally perform perfectly on other emulators. I play on keyboard and I think pad players will have less trouble playing on this.

  26. 26 Dormat

    I can’t seem to get FinalBurn to run in fullscreen mode from a command prompt. What am I doing wrong?

  27. 27 Dormat

    I deleted and re-extracted FBA and it started going to fullscreen from command mode.

  28. 28 Ph3noX

    can some1 help me, I downloaded the emulator, but non of the games work. it seems like there aint no games at all. any help please?

  29. 29 ruben

    marvel vs capcom

  30. 30 Maximilian

    arg. esta muy bueno

  31. 31 chuck


  32. 32 alex

    question : the coolest capcom emu?
    answer : final burn ;)

  33. 33 De Ja Vu

    I choose FBA mainly for it’s UI and ease of use in games esp CPS-1 / CPS-2. It would be nice if FBA were to classify the catagories a bit better to clearly Diversify the CPS Emulation including CPS-1, CPS-2 and hopefully CPS-3 well as it only has limited titles, anyhow and with the CP3 emu this could a completed CPS section. CZN1 and CZN2 Emulation are more difficult and require better system specs but i think this could be added to this section. The other other multiple arcade emulation sections including Neo Geo and and should be able to catogorize to show some form of type of game feature (Platform, Shooter, Versus etc..) and to some extent it’s complexity or the ability to show the user how ‘big’ the game is. I love that they have the ablity to adjust to any monitor however everytime i set mine (1680 x 1050) i almost always get guru debugging errors when i use filters at full screen. All in all FBA has come a long way, love the features like the fishbowl/tilting effect to make it feel like an arcade and the ability to adjust smoothly to any hardware. The netplay is a huge plus thanks to Kaillera. In All Thanx to ALL your EFFORTS, you make a lot of people and classic games very happy

  34. 34 Eric Arreodnod

    this website is like the best

  35. 35 elow

    Where can iget a rom

  36. 36 Auron


  37. 37 jax


  38. 38 luis

    where can i download rooms????

  39. 39 Valtz

    I need help. I download games that are on the list like Samurai Showdown IV but when I try to get FBA to scan for it nothing comes up. The file is in the folder and it sees all of the other games in there. Please e-mail on how to fix this problem. If it doesn’t say my e-mail in my name or anything it’s nekoprince@gmail.com

  40. 40 nitro

    i luv the new version of fba! is it possible to add a new feature like plugins for sound or video??? that would be really cool to have bass boost sound, especially for those neo geo games that have low sound volume.

  41. 41 GUyver

    “I need help. I download games that are on the list like Samurai Showdown IV but when I try to get FBA to scan for it nothing comes up. The file is in the folder and it sees all of the other games in there. Please e-mail on how to fix this problem.”

    Some files must be missing like neo-geo files. Copy and paste the common files of neo-geo to the zipped files samurai showdown to complete its files. Copy it from neo-geo games like streetfighter or king of fighters.

  42. 42 Sasori

    is this a pc emulator or a ppc emulator because i’m really looking for ppc

  43. 43 loop

    It’s an emulator for use on a PC.

  44. 44 kevin


  45. 45 Kit

    Hi there,
    is there any chance that you will add in the driver for WWF Wrestle Fest, I really want to play that game. Thanks

  46. 46 Zarkon


    Is possible to open the emulator with the game selection window active? I’ve an arcade machine and I needd to use Final Burn Alpha directly without any alternative frontend (as MameUI64).

    Good job.

  47. 47 shinkodo

    that’s good work trhank
    just i m asking about pgm rom for (dmnfrnt) there new for this rom or nor yet ? thx ^_^

  48. 48 DXN

    i just found this emulator……..it runs great….i think it runs better than mame…this emulator runs soo smooth its awesome thanks guys….does anyone know of any kaillera servers with people that actually use this emulato?……i play street fighter 3rd strike and i havent had the chance to play online with it cuz people use mame++

  49. 49 Darkus

    cps3 would be a great adition ^_^

  50. 50 richardri

    CPS3 SOUND error!
    LEFT and RIGHT sound is rollback.
    my English is not conversance!

  51. 51 darkloud

    i need the emulator final burn read alls games of neo geo and others arcade…

  52. 52 jayz

    hi! its a nice emulator the best.

    i wanna have emulator final burn that read all games, tnx a lot…

  53. 53 ketbladewielder

    tey should make power stone or other nex-gen games playable

  54. 54 ketbladewielder


  55. 55 joni

    marvelous !!!

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  57. 57 lavitrabuy

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  58. 58 alfernee


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