FB Alpha Release

Just a quick bug-fix release. What’s new is:

  • Updated the CPS-3 driver to include Oopsware’s latest fixes
  • Fixed a problem with the size of m1 rom in Metal Slug 5

23 Responses to “FB Alpha Release”

  1. 1 Vic Viper

    Nice emulator, but it still has no dual button (A+B, B+C, etc) macro support for NeoGeo games.

  2. 2 debianman

    great idea!

  3. 3 rohh

    nha qro baixar o final burn com roms

  4. 4 rodrigo

    nha quero baixar fba com roms

  5. 5 Santa

    I have 2 questions!

    Who is Barry Herris and who is Treble Winner ?

    Is why is Treble Winner terible at winning?

  6. 6 harry

    thank you so much for cps3!

  7. 7 pepe

    I thank you for this emulator. Just one question:
    It is possible that the next version of fba including a key (such as the enter key on kawaks) to pause the game?

  8. 8 Vic Viper

    One other thing, anyway you could add a Record AVI option? It seems FBA Plus hasn’t updated in a while.

  9. 9 simone

    dove trovo le rom????????

  10. 10 Neto

    Quero o FBA com Romsssss

  11. 11 Fer

    Thank you for cps3 and win98 support!!!

  12. 12 Name

    Yes !!!
    Thank you for add CPS3.
    FBA is a great emulator.

  13. 13 Slut-Hunter

    Thanks for that new Version and your good Work.

    FBAlpha is the Best Emu, no damn Macro Support like that K***** and N***** Shit

  14. 14 synonymous

    Needs greater compatibility. Only a handful of the games I have are recognized by this emu.

  15. 15 Amon

    Tkx so much for u work on FB, its certanly the best emulator for CPS plataforms… ^^ keep the good work coming… ^^

  16. 16 MasumX

    How about making FB for PSP?

    If that’s possible!

  17. 17 Setsu

    nice emu. still can’t play cps3 but jojo. i wanted to play sf3 but the drivers shows you’re thinking about it and i’m not in a rush.
    you do a great job, i let neogeox to rest thx to u and your emu. really nice going. i really hope to see some system..oops forgot, the one zinc emulates.

  18. 18 yamata


  19. 19 John

    I had this one first, then I put mame on. Tried them both for a while and then took mame off.

    Nuff said.

  20. 20 zk

    Thanks for the great job!

    Were you planning on rolling in support for more of the games MAME handles?

    Or is that beyond the scope of this project, or at the least a bit more than you want to implement?

    (By the way thanks for the kaillera support! I have been looking for a netplay arcade emulator worth it’s salt!)

  21. 21 Yargh

    When will you add macro support for Neo Geo games? I want to be able to configure A+C, A+B and C+D…why can’t we do this yet? MAME 0.64 is great for setting macros, and I consider FBA light years ahead of it.

    A lot of people have wanted this to be implemented for a long time now, so why hasn’t it been done?

  22. 22 Tobiash

    Please add macro support like AB, CD, and AC. Specially needed in Garou MOTW. This is not lame. On a pad it’s hella too hard to push these combinations in combos so arcade stick users have an unfair advantage!

  23. 23 Игорян

    Люблю сообщения в таком духе! Большое спасибо :)

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