FB Alpha Release

Treblewinner birthed another iteration of Finalburn Alpha. Here’s the skinny on what’s new!

The binaries are compiled with the Microsoft tools again now.

  • Added driver for Taito Z hardware
  • Added oopsware’s Raiden driver and updated the nec core and vez module
  • Retidied the nec core and vez module
  • Added iq_132s Gun Smoke driver
  • Added iq_132s Scrambled Egg driver
  • Changed the M6502 core to Marat’s with the interface wrote by kev
  • Added kev’s m90 driver and his updates to the m92 driver to debug builds
  • Tidied the m90 and m92 drivers and corrected the gfx decoding in the m90 driver
  • Updated Dec0 drivers to kev’s latest version
  • Updated Jack the Giantkiller driver to the iq_132s latest version
  • Made the “In Game” tab the default on the game selection dialog
  • Added a checkbox for Taito to the game selection dialog
  • Changed some names to prevent duplicate descriptions
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.124u1

44 Responses to “FB Alpha Release”

  1. 1 Synonymous

    Just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on this emulator. It’s the only Arcade emu I use :)

  2. 2 testerhook

    GREAT Works!!!
    Thank you very much.

  3. 3 John

    I am having great fun following the advancements in this emulator which imho is the best of the lot.

  4. 4 alon

    this site is great

  5. 5 alon

    nice work

  6. 6 Masum

    Same here the only Emulator which I use and backed up incase my system crashes. Thank you so much!!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. 7 hih


  8. 8 Largo®

    Muy buen emulador pero le faltan mas hotkeys como A+B,B+C,A+C,B+D para neo geo…

  9. 9 CrazyBlue

    I have two issue report for the, Game”The king of fighter 97″
    1, when I am in compony or home, can’t show my Ip though I cliked the “whatismyIP” button sometimes.
    2, when connect with somone faraway, 2P could entry the host, but can’t begin the game, Server shew “.” for many lines.

  10. 10 CrazyBlue

    I downloaded the Package, when I run it in WINXP Simple Chinese system, Game–play via kail.., all button is black box, can’t see any alphabet.

  11. 11 CrazyBlue

    I found another UI issue about the, WINXP simple Chinese,
    run the fba.exe, then click the Help–about FB alpha as quick as possible, you will find the little LOGO has not dissappear and the AP will hang up.

  12. 12 Anton

    Hi all! Thanks for great work!
    I’ve been compiling FBA with mingw(gcc 4.1.2), and
    got many compile errors; now I’ve fixed them.
    Please contact me on this - I think enhancing portability is always a good thing

  13. 13 sergio

    Im from brazil (( alguem pode ajudar com algo em portugues pra mim poder ler e baixar os jogos )) plis help-me



  14. 14 jone


  15. 15 jonna


  16. 16 rr


  17. 17 Gaby


  18. 18 Dark1Kumo

    Hey, ^_^

    Thanks for the hard work and effort you all put into making “Final Burn Alpha” a grade A+ emulator. I’m quite appreciative of your deditcation ^_^.

    If anyone here play Gunz.online international edition hit me up ^_^

  19. 19 sdf

    Gracias !

  20. 20 gHoul

    works great! only thing that stopped working was samsho.zip (Samuari Showdown 1)… tried two different versions :/

  21. 21 MisterParadox

    I have been looking for an emulator that can play my NEO-GEO Roms - This newer version of Final Burn Alpha is a dream come true.

    Thank You.

  22. 22 MisterParadox

    I just had to come back and say thanks again. I mean really, I have been looking for an emulator that can play the Romsets, and NOT give you any grief about it.

    I’ve found it, and I am truly greatful.

    FinalBurn Alpha RULES !!!!!!!!!
    IT RULES !!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 Lodestar

    Add macro support, please.

  24. 24 EL_NACHO

    First, thanks for continuing the FBA development. I love the speed of this emu.

    2nd, Kaspersky Antivirus 7.0 detected a keylogger in this build. Is that to be expected?

  25. 25 MisterParadox

    False Positive by Kaspersky Antivirus 7.0. AVG Free Edition 8.0 says it’s OK.

    Did you get it from this site ?? If you got it somewhere else, it might have been tampered with.

  26. 26 John

    I’m sure this problem has been brought up before. But, for some reason I cannot play Snk vs Capcom. Likewise, I am using the svcpcb edition which is approxomitley 90mb. Further, this game runs perfectly in my current edition of fba which is Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you everyone for your time.


  27. 27 gHoul

    hey John, the problem may be the same as what happend with Samsho1, the last feature listed on this update is: Matched all sets to “MAME 0.124u1″ apparently this new 0.124 requires different rom files than all the old ones floating around… I had to find a generic 0.124 update pack that had the files I needed to include in my samsho1.zip.
    hope that helps!

  28. 28 John

    Thank you gHoul,

    That really helps a lot.

  29. 29 l1nk


  30. 30 Rendelor

    great work, only need add Zinc compatibility

  31. 31 Caroline

    Hi. I love FBA. WHen i was a small children, i played on it… And now i grown up (i’m 14 :P) and i have a problem… Where to get some games to FBA? Because all i have is same emulator, and nothing else. I dont know where to get games, and how to install them :( Can someone help me?

  32. 32 Caroline

    Well, i found a game, and i know how to install it but… Did someone knows a pack with ALL games for FBA? Because i just dont want to download every one as a single game ;/

  33. 33 Jorn


  34. 34 Jo3l

    The best emulaotr ever dude

  35. 35 santiago


  36. 36 Tom

    anyone know how to get roms working via the command line?

  37. 37 ZEROCOOL

    need ROM..thanks

  38. 38 Benjamin Siskoo


    I translated the localisation file. I would like to send it, but I can’ t find a mail. Could you help me ?


  39. 39 vicokoby

    The Non Unicode Version of Finalburn Alpha v0.2.96.77 not Work in Windows 98, this version show the message “Major Windows Version expected, Please update Your Windows Version”

    Please recompile this version to work in this Windows.

  40. 40 LorDfpx

    Hi !

    Thank you for this great emulator, a must have !

    Just one little query : I’m using it exclusively on my Samsung Q1 UMPC but the screen resolution is only 800×480 and the UI is too big :’-(. I know there are many things in it but if you could reduice it a little bit that would be wonderful :-).

  41. 41 ELAD


  42. 42 ELAD

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  43. 43 killertoy28

    opa!! estou com problemas. por favor me ajudem!

  44. 44 sou

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