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Hanging’s too good for some people…

As you may have noticed, the web site has been offline for quite a while. After a little investigation, it appears that we got hacked by some tard seeking to enlarge his “e-peen.” Seriously though, hanging is just too good for some people, so i’m going to agree with Jan on this one. :)

On the plus side, things have changed for the better. Gone is the now aging Cutenews, to make way for the shiny goodness of Wordpress. We now have a robust site that is much more secure and far less prone to spam comments.

Which reminds me, all of the comments where lost in the transition. Not a great loss though as most where advertising Viagra…

Treble has the Bug! :)

Long story short, most of the FBA team drifted apart (or is that a long term holiday?) many moons ago to pursue other interests. This is also the first post here in over a year, for those still paying attention. We’re still in contact on the odd occasion though, should the winds blow in the right direction.

But what does this mean for FBA I hear you cry?

Well it seems that Treble has the emulation bug again. He’s also released a few rather nice updates and additions to FBA. All of which you can find at his web site.

Neo Geo CD

Neo Geo CD is starting to work now. Everything is emulated, no shortcuts. Oh, and loading takes ages. :crying:

FB Alpha test version available

A new FB Alpha test version is avialable on the forums at

The major new feature is support for multi-slot MVS emulation (including marquee lights and coin counter LEDs). This version is not labelled as a test version for nothing; while for the most part it works fine, it has various small problems and there are one or two games that don’t work properly. We need you help to identify or pin-point any problems still there.

FBA v0.2.95.23 Released

Time for another FinalBurn Alpha release, bringing with it an assortment of fixes and additions. Grab it while it’s hot, from our files page. Any bugs / issues should be reported to the FBA official forums.

What’s New in v0.2.95.23

  • This is still an alpha release!
  • Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.
  • Changed the way FB Alpha looks for ROMs. Now, it will always check the last path for any given .zip file, even when a .zip file of the same name is present in another path. This way, we can keep ROMs that are only needed for FB Alpha seperate without sacrifising compatibility with other emulators;
  • Changed the way Neo Geo memory cards work, allowing the use of 1 megabit cards;
  • Emulated protection in Super Sidekicks (was patched before);
  • Fixed the last few bad game names / bad ROM definitions;
  • Fixed a few minor issues in the makefile for mingw/cygwin;
  • The debugger is now only compiled for debug builds;
  • Minor updates to compile documentation;
  • Fixed a crash at startup for some systems when autopause was activated

FBA v0.2.95.22 Released

This release fixes a few bugs that crept into yesterdays release. GCC is supported in this release, with a few stipulations. See below for more details regarding compiling this release with GCC. Grab this latest release from our files page.

What’s New in v0.2.95.22

  • This is still an alpha release!
  • Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.
  • Implemented workarounds to the FB Alpha executable to allow the use of windres as the resource compiler (it cannot zero-terminate strings or use a string as an RCDATA resource);
  • Cleaned up the makefiles (variables/options now defined in the main makefile);
  • Fixed a few game names / bad ROM definitions;
  • Fixed CPS1 games sound / crashing if started as the 1st game;
  • Fixed the Psikyo games that use an YM2610 for sound;
  • Fixed a few problems with ANSI builds;