Neo Geo CD

Neo Geo CD is starting to work now. Everything is emulated, no shortcuts. Oh, and loading takes ages. :crying:

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  1. 1 Abraham lLafuente

    please the new games of Fba

  2. 2 sicker

    i love this game

  3. 3 Neostar

    Wow, it’s nice to see the ability to play NeoGeo CDs being implemented. Keep up the good work :D

  4. 4 alex


  5. 5 tris

    hi helo wer cAn i get the game of FBA?…or wer cAn i download of FBA game??

  6. 6 king

    wer can i get roms for this emulator…cant seem to find any that work

  7. 7 drew

    can i have some roms for the emulator??thanks

  8. 8 alexandre

    neo geo

  9. 9 youssef

    pls can some one show me how to download a rom for this emulator ??

  10. 10 Caroline

    youseff, put a name of a ROM you want to download into GOOGLE SEARCH and write “download”. Then find a page, and download it. When u do, just put the zipped file, into the Folder with roms. Example : D:\Games\FBA\ROM’s

    Just copy a zipped file there ;) Voila, you can start playing.

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